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Last modified 2018-08-16

Optimising production in young spruce forest

  • Trial name: 1477 Flakaliden (previously E77)
  • Country: Västerbotten
  • Municipality: Vindeln
  • Location: Flakaliden
  • Tree species: Spruce, Picea abies
  • Latitude: 64°07’
  • Longitude: 19°27’
  • M.a.s.l: 310-320
  • Area: 8,25 hectares
  • Land owner: Sveaskog AB
  • Plantation: After felling, controlled burning and harrowing the area was planted in 1963 with 4-year bare root-seedlings from the local region (Lycksele)
  • Begining of experiment: Nutrient treatments started 1987.
  • Treatments:
    • Controll (C)
    • Irrigation 1987-2006 (I)
    • Irrigation with liquid fertilizer (IL)
    • Solid fertilization (F)
      • During a few years with solid fertilizer with all nutrients except phosphorous (F-P): squares 2B and 5B. Solid fertilizer with all nutrients except magnezium (F-Mg): squares 11A and 15B.
    • Ash and nitrogen fertilization (AN)
    • Drought stress (T
      • 1989-1997 reduced precipitation during summer
  • Nutrient treatment: Nutrient addition by the principle that no nutrients should leak into the groundwater. The amount of nutrients and their composition are based on nutrient analyzes in needles and soil water. Liquid fertilized squares are watered using an irrigation system enriched with nutrients during june-august. Squares with solid fertilizer are fertlizied yearly in the begining on june.
  • Thinning: December 2003, December 204 (AN)
  • Parcels: 33 parcels at 50x50 meters, net 30x30 meters.
  • Initiated by: Sunde Linder, Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre, SLU Uppsala