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The safe deposit privacy policy

Data controller

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) is the data controller for the treatment of your personal data. Your contact person for this treatment is: Kim Lindgren, which you may reach on

SLUs data protection officer is Anna Jarmar, which you can reach on or +4618-67 22 75. You may also turn to the data protection office:, +4618-67 20 90.


The safe deposit is intended as a system where researchers who are active at Svartberget can easily collect their research materials, find ongoing and past research projects and collaborators, as well as make their research materials easily accessible to the public. Svartberget, in return, gets an easy to use system for collecting and analysing key statistics about researchers which we can then report to the organisations which fund our infrastructures. Users of the service retain the copyright of uploaded documents and files. However, the service will make these files publicly available either when you decide to make your project data public, or when you are bound by the agreement between you and the funding body of your research project to publish your findings, whichever comes first.

SLU will also treat your personal information in such a way as to fulfil the rules surrounding public documents and governmental archives in Sweden.

Data categories and sources

When your account is created we save information about your academic position, gender, the country you currently reside in and which university or organisation you are currently affiliated with, when it is available. This information is gathered from publicly available sources, such as your e-mail signature or profile page at your home organisation, or from prior knowledge. You may at any time correct or remove the data we have stored about you, either by requesting that the data be removed, or by removing it yourself using the interface provided by the system.

Legal basis

According to government regulations (6§ Myndighetsförordningen, 2007:515), all branches of the government should continuously strive to improve their operation. In order to do this, it is necessary for research stations such as Svartberget to manage information about the people who are active at the station.

According to the archives act (arkivlagen) and the publicity and privacy act (offentlighets- och sekretesslagen), each branch of the government should ensure correct handling of public documents. The management of information about people using Svartbergets infrastructure is considered information of public interest.


SLU may disclose your personal information to individuals who request a public document, if your personal information is present within that document according to the rules surrounding public documents, unless it has been deemed classified information.

SLU may also share your personal information with organisations that fund our infrastructures, as a part of the statistics that we are obliged to provide.

Your rights

You have the right to under some circumstances have your personal data deleted, corrected or limited, and to gain access to the information which is stored in our systems. Furthermore, you have the right to object to our processing of your personal data. To use your rights, contact Anna Jarmar, Kim Lindgren or the data protection office (contact information at the top and bottom of this document).


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Comments or objections

If you have comments regarding SLUs treatment of personal information, you may contact, +4618-67 20 90.

If you are displeased with SLUs answer to your comments or objections, you may direct your complaints to The Swedish Data Protection Authority (DPA):, or +468-657 61 00.

You may read more about the DPAs oversight at (in Swedish):