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The impacts of long-term, high intensity N addition on soil organic matter accumulation in a boreal forest

Created 2019-10-03 10:41:28 CET
Began in 2019


N addition is reported to influence decomposition of soil organic matters and potentially enhance carbon accumulation in boreal or temperate forests. Here, we investigate the effect of chronic N addition on boreal forests situated in norther Sweden with an aim of discerning the mechanisms altering the balance of accumulation and decomposition of soil organic matters. We will collect soil samples from the organic layer at Svartberget, Åheden, Rosinedal, Flakaliden and analyze molecular composition of soil organic matters as well as enzymatic activities responsible for C decomposition.

boreal forestcarbondecompositionmicrobenitrogenorganic mattersoil


Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation (#2015.0047)



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