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Age and Growth Development of Norway Spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) In a Heterogeneous Forest In Västerbotten County

Created 2019-11-29 17:29:02 and last modified 2019-12-06 10:37:21 CET
Began in 2019


This masters thesis is a collaboration between The University of Gothenburg and The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU. The main focus during 2 semesters is to investigate the correlation between age and growth development of Norway spruce, growing in a heterogeneous forest.


Project details

Questions of Interest
To be able to answer questions about the climate impact in an unmanaged forest, four questions of inerested was raised:

• Is there a clear height and growth relationship?

• Is there a clear relationship between tree growth rate (dbh) and age?

• What is the average growth rate for Norway spruce at 20 cm extending to 130 cm above ground?

• Which climatic variable (precipitation, temperature or wind) dominate any potential change in growth pattern?

These questions will be answered through collecting data out in the field and statistical analysis.

Study Area and Method

Diameter measurements at breast height (dbh) and height estimates from 52 Norway spruce, where collected around the forest of Hemnäs. The study area was subdevided into eight different areas, which had been physically marked ad numbered by Fredrik Sjödin from SLU. Data was randomly taken within the different areas over a four days period. In addition where two core samples from each tree collected, one at 20 cm and one at 130 cm above ground respectively.

The (in total 104) cores were later age determined, measured and digitalized at University Laboratory for Dendrochronology (GULD), located in Gothenburg. 

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Gothenburg University, SLU

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