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PI: Eliza Maher Hasselquist

Question: How does clear-cutting and subsequent ditch cleaning affect the quality and quantity of exported suspended solids (SS) at the catchment scale? Methods: 1. Turbidity logged every 15 minutes during the ice-free season 2. Suspended Sediment grab sample on average 2x per month all year round a. Use SS grab samples to correlate to turbidity and thus have continuous measurements during active times of the year. 3. Time Integrated Mass Flux Sampling (TIMS) during ice-free season – Integrated measure over 2 weeks 4. Ditch characteristics before and after cleaning a. bed material samples b. measurements of particle size distribution of the bed material c. ditch cross sections at 50 m intervals with high res GPS or total station d. ditch depth, bottom width

ditch cleaningdikesrensningwater qualityclear-cut

[ID: 28] Forest Drainage Effects on Tree Growth - Developing Guidelines for Ditch Network Maintenance

PI: Eliza Maher Hasselquist

Field work to validate the GIS-based DitchFlowTracker - measuring water flow in ditches, forest stand properties at different distances from the ditch, and other indicators of successful drainage

ditch cleaningdrainage effectforest productivityhydrological model