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Lake chamber flux measurements

PI: Hjalmar Laudon

Floating chambers are used to determe Green House Gas emissions from lake Stortjärn. The sampling strategy is based on the lake depth structure and three transects with 1 to 4 chambers each located so that they cover the majority of the depth profile.

fluxgreenhouse gaslakemonitoring

Stortjärn lake water sampling

PI: Hjalmar Laudon

Lake Stortjärn is one of the most expansive research sites within the Krycklan catchment, both in terms of new projects and infrastructure development.


Greenhouse Gas Dynamics in Stortjärn

PI: Blaize Denfeld

From June 1 -Nov 1 2016 carbon dioxide and methane concentration and emission was measured on the lake every two weeks.

carbon cyclinggreenhouse gas emissionslake