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Snowcat groundwater monitoring

PI: Hjalmar Laudon

In total, close to 20 wells are installed spanning from 5 m to over 150 m depth. The installations were made to cover the entire Krycklan catchment to investigate regional groundwater as well as allow more local studies of water pathways. The first wells were installed by the Swedish Geological Survey (SGU) in the 1980s and have been monitored since, whereas the majority was installed in 2012.


Weekly stream sampling

PI: Hjalmar Laudon

Monitoring of stream water at 3 fixed sites within the Svartberget catchment, sampling once per week year round.

stream waterchemistrycatchment

Regular stream sampling

PI: Hjalmar Laudon

Monitoring of water chemistry in several streams. Sampling twice per week with increased frequency during the spring flood.

stream waterchemistrycatchment

Mire chronosequence screening

PI: Betty Ehnvall

The objective of the project is to link plant stoichiometric differences to GIS based mire and catchment descriptors, in order to find ways of upscaling nutrient regimes across boreal mires. A large number of mires along a chronosequence in the coastal area north of Umeå will be visited. Above-ground tissue from selected mire plants will be collected along with peat samples for pH and elemental measurements.