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Gallring och gödsling i skiktad granskog (Adaptiva)

PI: Ulla Nylander

Data from Wood decay studie 2015 by Anna Gunulf Åberg, plot 1565, 1566, 1572, 1575, 1576.

Wood decay fungussprucethinningfertilisationselection system

Birch spruce replacement

PI: Emma Holmström

The purpose of the experiment is to have long term measurements of growth and stand development of the two species in monoculture vs mixture. The first treatments are initiated after regeneration on sites with planted Norway spruce and naturally regenerated birch where the two species are within the same average heights. First treatment is a pre-commercial thinning aiming for stand composition in four different levels : Every block is divided in four treatments with 100 % Norway spruce (NS), 100 % Birch, mixture 33 % NS and 66 % Birch, mixture 66 % NS and 33 % birch.

birchforest managementsilviculturespruce

Fredrika - Establishment of a new stand managed with precisely added nutrient load

PI: Fredrik Sjödin

This trial aims to monitor effects of a specific and precisely added nutritive load in the establishment of a new generation plantlings. The trial is set up as parcels of pine, spruce and birch both in mixtures and monoculture. Nutrition management, growth and survival of common species in monocultures and in mixed stands. Established 2019-06-17

birchmixed standsmonoculturesnutrition managementpineplant nutrientprecise added nutrientsspruce

Comparison of ecosystem C and N stocks in Norway spruce vs. Scots pine stands throughout Sweden

PI: Robert Blasko

We are evaluating the performance of Norway spruce vs. Scots pine stands at the sites equally suitable for both species in the experiments at Kulbäcksliden 1028-1029, Flakaträsk 2458, Övra 1061, and Björkheden 1062. The aim is to evaluate how the different species productivity affects C and N stocks of he ecosystem and some of the important C fluxes; soil CO2 efflux and litterfall.

tree speciescarbonnitrogenbalancesprucepinesoil microbial communities

Biomass sampling Interval fertilizing 1523-1526, 1061, 1062

PI: Ulla Nylander

Data from biomass sampling taken at intensively managed experiments on spruce and pine, trial 1523 - 1526, 1061 and 1062.


1029 Kulbäcksliden

PI: Ulla Nylander

1029 Kulbäcksliden. Data from biomass sampling sept. 2018. The effect on stand development of different spacing after planting and precommercial thinning in spruce.


1477 Flakaliden Biomass

PI: Ulla Nylander

Data from destructive sampling to describe tree and stand structure.

biomassdry weightfresh weightspruce

2221 - 2233 Natural forest trials

PI: Ulla Nylander

Data from 13 virgin forest stands situated within forest reserves in northern Sweden. Established by Professor Björn Elfving.

natural forestforest reservesvirgin forestpinesprucebirch